The Pasta Mia Difference

Made from scratch & taste homemade

Slowed-cooked for the richest and most flavorful fillings

Premium Semolina and Durum

Cage-free fresh eggs Only with high egg to flour ratio

Freshest vegetables from California’s Central Valley

North Atlantic Lobsters, Canadian Rock Crab, and other seafoods sustainably sourced in North America.

Antibiotics-Free Meat

RBST (hormone)-Free Dairy Ingredients

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

USDA and FDA full compliance

Gluten-Free Certified

No Artificial Flavorings or Preservatives

“0” grams trans-fat

Peanut Free Facility

Individually quick frozen

Duplicate Handmade pasta with flavorful chunky fillings

Par-cooked and Ready in 3-4 minutes:

Thinnest dough in the market

Highest filling to dough ratio

Extraordinary line of gnocchi with different fillings

Excellent line of gluten-free certified and vegan offers indistinguishable in blind taste tests